Hi, I’m Zedaaaya. A 22 year old girl that has been struggling to attain and maintain the ideal weight or body fat percentage since I was 15!
I have tried almost everything within my financial capacity😉 to lose the weight but the more I tried, the heavier I became. I don’t know about you but that was a serious demotivator(if that word exists) for me and I basically gave up. I was done! The fat always won😔. Plus, this was the period I was done with university, so nobody to be forming fine girl for again😂
At the start of September, I was at my heaviest, weighing a whooping 85.1kg (187lbs). It was scary to me because I was just shy of hitting 200lbs! It was then I decided to stop complaining and get to workkk! I realised that the battle wasn’t against food(processed junk is still bad) but it was my routine that was killing me!
So I leaned on God and asked him for the strength to change my life. For a whole month I committed to waking up by six, getting to the gym, eating clean, and carrying out the activities with discipline. I had a little slip ups here and there but I stuck with the program.
Two months later, 8kg(18lb) down, I’m having fun experimenting with new diets, dancing, working out and creating fun recipes!
What I’ve learned is this(very important)… You can lose weight on any diet, you just need to stick to it! Consistency is key!
The Skinny Orobo was born to share my experiences, challenges, successes, thoughts, ideas and experiments with people and to build a strong community of like minds who support and gear one another to greatness! I’m still on this journey and I’d love for you to join me, let’s do this together!!!😍😗💃
I’m Zedaaaya and I’m The Skinny Orobo… I’m telling weight loss stories with my body! Come and share yours too!

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