The Fruit-Only Diet


It’s my birthday, people!!! And I have an odd treat for myself this year.

My birthday (today) kinda coincided with my nysc camp resumption day, so I’m off to camp for 3 weeks, and I’m spending my birthday there. While I’m there, I wanted to try something different as regards my nutrition and the fruit-only diet came to mind.

Ever wondered about eating just fruits for a week? How you’d feel? If you could still go about your daily activities efficiently? Well, stop wondering because I’m gonna carryout the fruit only diet experiment, not for one week, but for 3 weeks!!! acid-citrus-close-up-1414126

I’d be documenting the entire journey here! Exciting right?! I’d share my experiences, before and after, my thoughts and finally my recommendations. You can then decide if it’s something you are interested in and willing to give a try.

I promise to be 100% honest with this. Stay tuned for daily posts. Thanks for joining me on this journey💃



It’s still my birthday Please say a prayer for me😁



Ig-zedaaaya. Twitter-theskinnyorobo.

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