The Fruit-only diet *update

I’m exhausted. I slept by 12:30am and woke up by 3am to bathe before drills by 4:30am. We were on the parade ground from 4:30 to 8am. It was time for breakfast but i skipped it because of my fruit only diet, so I went back to my room and slept for under an hour.

By 9am, we were asked to return to the parade ground. Drills continued nonstop till 12:30pm. I still haven’t eaten, food or fruit. I have taken water though. I feel tired. Not hungry… tired. I’m tired of the drills, my feet hurts so bad😭 it needs a serious massage. It’s not the diet that’s killing me, it’s the camp activities

20181116_130111Fruit stall at mami market, Lagos camp

Fast forward till 2pm, I stopped by a fruit vendors stall and purchased apples and pineapples. I went back for some grapes🙈
Around 8:30pm, a friend dragged me down to mammy market and force fed me spaghetti stir fry with sausage. Oh my, was it delicious!😢

I figured the keto diet would work best for this environment. Remember, we keep redesigning to find the perfect fit. What do you think?

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