#TSOcheatmeal – Cold stone milkshakes. Worth it?

When you plan a cheat day, you have decided to reward yourself, or at least cut your self a little slack and pat yourself on the back for sticking to your plan. Please don’t have a cheat day everyday, your waistline would tell those stories😂😁.

So as not to get fed up, it’s okay to take a meal, or a day off your regular routine. It helps to plan this, so you don’t go on a cheating spree.

So I tried the cold stone chocolate milkshake, worth the extra calories? You’ll soon find out!

This is an item that was added recently to their menu, so I had high hopes for it! I was actually really excited, for two reasons; I love to try new things and secondly, I loooove chocolate😢

20181222_204640I would break this review down in 3 parts; cost, appearance and taste.

Placed the order and guess the price, you’d never guess right, #2,900 naira! Yes, you read right. A whole 2k9, this has to be one hell of a milkshake!

it took about 10 mins to get ready, it was served in a jar and placed on a tray. It came with a spoon, and a straw. The chocolate explosion is basically a chocolate milkshake in the jar topped with chocolate icecream, white and dark chocolate chips and a chocolate brownie sliced diagonally in half.

It looked like it did in the promotional photo but not exactly mouth watering… not so photo worthy either.

So I’ve settled the price, wait time and the appearance, time for the big gun, taste!

I dug in, happily! Took a spoonful of the icecream and a bite of the brownie, it tasted fairly regular. I was still hoping for better, the icecream collapsed into the shake and unto the tray, o boy! I lick am o, 2900 cannor waist😂 enjoyed the crunchy surprise that was the chips, and downed the milkshake with my straw in about 5 mins.

20181229_211332The only thing I enjoyed about that shake was the chocolate chips. “Chocolate explosion”was edible, but not exactly delicious. Its not worth #2900 and it’s definately not worth the extra calories😁

There is certainly room for improvement! I’m sorry, but I wouldn’t recommend this. Just lick your overpriced icecream jejely(overpriced cold stone icecream, story for another day😁) and be happy💃

Who has tried it? What do you think? Please leave a comment.❤

19 thoughts on “#TSOcheatmeal – Cold stone milkshakes. Worth it?

  1. Same experience, buy na Packaging make kpekere turn to plantain chips… So is the case of my cold stone experience.

    It can get better I have tried be to tell myself but my leg won’t allow go get another experience maybe not now

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  2. 😂 I’m definitely not trying the choco explosion anytime soon.. I think I’ll be better off getting a grilled chicken for that kinda cash..

    Nice write up Vivi, just had to read till the end!


  3. I am a huge fan of chocolate but I haven’t tried this milkshake yet.A voice in my head told me it wouldn’t be as dreamy as i imagined in my head.Thanks for the heads up


  4. Honestly when I saw the picture of the milkshake online I just knew it wouldn’t taste as good as it looks. Would try out the strawberry milkshake sometime next week… I’m not looking to get my value back, I just want a sugar rush😁..
    Nice write up love!

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  5. Well I don’t know about chocolate, but I’ve tried the Hennessy, strawberry and vanilla and they absolutely worth it!
    Maybe you were hungry and your taste buds forgot to register the signature taste… but you should try the Hennessy and strawberry
    You’ll run mad into bliss

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    1. This isn’t my first rodeo, i loooove chocolate and I know when I’ve tasted something yummy… the milkshake was sorely below par, but hey, to each his own yeah?

      I’m glad you got your money’s worth though. Thanks for commenting on this post, and I hope you enjoyed the read. Do call again.😗💃


  6. LOL. Vivy baby, thanks for this review… and Nop, I’m not going close to it. When I was reading it, before you got to where you said your fave part was the chocolate chips. I already whispered it to myself. I knew that will be the only good thing about it if at all 😂😂

    I’m a huge fan of Chocolates, I can’t stand disappointments.

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