2019 in view!

20181227_094810The Skinny Orobo,

The new year is upon you, as some would say, a fresh start. A lot has happened in 2018 that you are grateful for(the good, the bad, the ugly) but you are grateful nonetheless because a man you respect very dearly once said, out of a place of pain, comes inexplicable joy. Life is never going to go smoothly all the time, do not cloud your mind expecting miracles and ignoring reality.

What I’m saying in essence is this, its hightime you became even more purposeful. In this new year, WRITE down your dreams, break them down to goals, and goals to plans, and attack those plans fervently, with consistency while ditching procrastination in 2018. Get your fitness in order, get your work in order, get your business in order, get your life in order! Trust me, you wouldnt be in the same position 6months from now, Gods willing!

Keep track of your progress by running monthly assessments(3rd of every month) with pictures that’ll be posted here. Hold Yourself Accountable!

There are a lot of uncertainties in your life right now that scares you, you have to earn to push through the fear and scale your mount Everest. Are you ready?

I’m concerned about your general wellbeing, not just fitness, you need to glow up in all aspects that matter which includes having a healthy body, soul and spirit.

Pay your dues and reap the rewards. Remember , you do not plant and harvest on the same day! Don’t get impatient, don’t force it, don’t rush it. Tend your garden diligently (water,weed,protect,fertilize) and the time for harvest would come.


This is an open note to myself,       Derive from it what you may.

Happy 2019!💃 I hope you join me on this journey😘

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