What is fasting? Everything you need to know about intermittent fasting!

Fasting in layman’s terms means abstinence, in this case abstaining from food. That easy.

Fasting is the only theory that all religions and dieticians seem to agree on, it’s the length and variant that bears the difference. We eat to live, we don’t live to eat, snacking all day can only lead to weight gain. Food companies would continue making orishirishi snacks with beautiful packaging and misleading adverts, we buy and keep wagging our tongues all day. When you do this, overload your body with excess energy which then gets converted to fat. Fasting limits this greatly, and gives your body access to stored energy(fat) for fuel.

It’s obvious, we eat way more food than we need to, but the average person is in denial. Who can blame them… It’s delicious!

Intermittent fasting merely talks about having an eating window, a schedule that you follow for meals. This is great because it limits mindless snacking. Most of the times we think we are hungry, we are mostly bored, or thirsty.

There are various IF plans like 16:8 where you have an 8 hour eating window and you don’t eat for the other 16hours which includes sleep time. Eg a 16:8 eating window could be between 12pm and 8pm. After 8pm, no more meals till 12 noon the next day.

As you get accustomed to this you can now try 20:4(4 hour eating window), one meal a day(OMAD), 36 hour fast, 48 etc. Don’t be afraid to start small. It’s not easy at first, but your body will thank you later.

Now that you’ve been armed with this information, which are you willing to try?

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